Blowing in the wind: Are plastic-bag bans the death knell for related M&E?

The global backlash against plastic bags — visible in the form of taxes and outright bans on grocery and merchandising bags made of blown-film plastic—threatens to undermine the recovery value of dedicated M&E in this sector. And it is worth noting that the production line equipment used to make these increasingly demonized products typically is no small investment: The latest versions of so-called bubble or […]

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Pharma vs. Nutraceutical: Different Sectors, Different Needs

Experienced appraisers know to never value a piece of equipment as though it were in a vacuum, because understanding equipment use is at least as important as its specs when projecting realistic market recovery. The differing applications of like equipment as is used within the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical (nutritional and herbal supplements) sectors are a case in point.

Previously, Tiger liquidated the assets of Creation’s Garden, […]

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