Brittany Mayer

Senior Financial Analyst,
Tiger Valuation Services

Brittany Mayer is an experienced wholesale and retail analyst with a strong understanding of inventory valuation methodologies. In her role at Tiger, she analyzes companies’ industry positioning and financial performance, including inventory and operational performance; evaluates productivity, efficiencies and profitability while developing a qualitative understanding of the nuances that affect asset values.

In the past, Mayer was an Analyst of both Retail Inventory and Consumer Wholesale goods at one of Tiger’s primary competitors. There she conducted due diligence and analysis, assessed transaction risks and mitigation, managed collateral analysis, and forecasted financial performance.

Prior to this she was a Retail and Direct Assistant Merchant at Talbots, where she conducted analytical analysis of SKU sales by category, attribute, and channel, as well as identifying market trends and determining projected demands.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University.