Case Study: ASE/Performance Bike – Equity Acquisition – Joint Venture $23MM


ASE/ Performance Bikes sold Fuji, Kestrel, SE and Joe Beezer bikes through a chain of Performance Bikes retail stores, as well through a wholesale network of 750 independent bike shops located throughout North America. Driven largely to mounting losses of the retail bike locations, ASE filed bankruptcy and liquidated the Performance Bike retail stores, while at the same time looking for a solution on the wholesale business line.

Tiger’s Role

Tiger teamed up with the Taiwanese manufacturer and a third-party real estate entity to purchase all the wholesale assets, IP, and owned real estate of ASE to preserve the ongoing wholesale distribution channels. Tiger is the acting general partner on the transaction and is currently operating the wholesale business line. The liquidation of the Performance Bike retail stores is in the process of being completed, and the secured lender has been repaid in full.