Case Study: Equity Capital in the Supermarket Industry

A private equity group was actively exploring a go-private strategy with a well-known national supermarket chain.


Although the chain had strong regional brands and presence, a key aspect of the investor’s long-term operating strategy was to divest of selected under-performing locations, many of which had significant lease value.

Tiger’s Role

The investors, in executing on their strategy, utilized the services of Tiger and our long term strategic partners with the divesture of these locations – including the monetization of all surplus inventory, fixture and real estate assets.

Tiger played multiple roles in this transaction. To support the investor’s overall business strategy, Tiger and our joint-venture partners made a significant equity investment in the new entity that purchased the supermarket chain.

In addition, Tiger and it’s partners acted as an agent to to the chain on the divesture of the inventory and fixtures in the locations that were either closed or sold.

As a result, over the past three years Tiger has been involved in the orderly disposition of more supermarket-chain assets than any other firm in America.


Since we participated in the original transaction, Tiger has acted as both a strategic and capital partner with the private equity group on additional supermarket transactions.