Tiger Furniture Solutions

Tiger Group offers four distinct services to the Home Furnishings Industry aimed at managing and, if necessary, maximizing the recovery of your least performing assets.

Maximizing Your Assets


Our appraisals and business analyses are grounded in our rich history as merchants. We have run the day-to-day operations of retail businesses and facilitated the largest liquidations in history.

This background gives us unique insight into the true, underlying value of assets. Every year we appraise over $20 billion of retail merchandise and provide specialized advisory services and in-depth business analyses for clients across North America.


Tiger serves retailers as a powerful source of market intelligence and working capital, in the form of debt financing, asset-based lending and equity investments. By combining our deep understanding of collateral values and robust balance sheet, we allow you to focus on operating your current company, and/or bid on targeted acquisitions.


Tiger facilitates the sale of over $1 billion of assets every year, most notably through special events, retirements and store closings. Many of America’s most storied brands look to Tiger to manage the store closing process on an ongoing basis – making us true, strategic partners.


Through our strategic partners, Tiger provides quantitative research, portfolio valuations, lease acquisitions, restructurings and terminations, as well as the purchase and sale of owned properties. Collectively, we have managed store closing and lease mitigation/disposition programs involving all of America’s major landlords.

Furniture Solutions


Our appraisal division leverages furniture industry expertise and long-term relationships with all the nation’s largest lenders to properly value your inventory and assets to maximize your borrowing base.


In terms of working capital, our storied liquidation history and disposition infrastructure frequently allows us to place higher values and advance rates on underperforming or surplus assets than traditional investors.

Real Estate

Tiger will manage all of the details surrounding real estate initiatives – including the sale of owned property and disposition of leaseholds. In terms of leases, we proactively manage landlord relationships and work through any tenant transition issues, thus allowing you to distance yourself from negotiations.

Retail Liquidations

The asset disposition process, including high impact sales, retirements and store closings, is specialized and complex. Tiger professionals are uniquely qualified to manage these processes. We roll up our sleeves and extract every dollar from an asset disposition by purging surplus inventory through innovative sales techniques – including online sales and social media. As a result, you can focus on the management of the go-forward aspects of your business, or retire and wind down with peace of mind.

Augment Services

Leveraging our significant buying power and industry contacts, Tiger can provide any needed additional inventory to a sales event, thus freeing our partners’ lines of credit and providing access to special volume purchases and values that may otherwise have not been available.


Tiger offers significant expertise in the sale of fixtures and equipment on either a commission, pure purchase or guaranteed-dollar basis.

IP/Brand Protection

Tiger views the protection of your brand as our primary mandate when facilitating asset dispositions. By diligently safeguarding our partners’ brand equity, we have cultivated long-term relationships with many of the world’s most prestigious retailers, manufacturers and financial services providers.

Mark Bannon
Mark BannonDirector of Furniture Solutions

Mark Bannon directs new business development and strategic client relations within Tiger’s retail and wholesale turnaround, workout, and asset disposition operations, with a specialized focus on the home furnishings industry.

Bannon brings over 30 years of retail operations, furniture liquidations, and acquisition negotiations experience to the Tiger team. From 2014 to 2018, he served as CEO of International Retail Group, a furniture and rug service provider. At IRG, he oversaw lead acquisitions, deal negotiations, and corporate and field operations for retail disposition clients throughout North America.

Before IRG, Bannon led Boyles Brand Acquisition, LLC as President and Managing Partner from 2012 to 2015. While there, he spearheaded the successful acquisition of the intellectual property rights of the high-end Boyles furniture brand by the partners at Planned Furniture Promotions (PFP). Bannon also previously served as a partner and Senior Vice President at PFP, where he led the core execution of lead acquisitions, deal structures and negotiations, retail sales, and merchandising for hundreds of well-known furniture clients over his 20-year tenure.

Mark is a member of the Turnaround Management Association and the Home Furnishings Association.

Contact Mark Bannon

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